Bottiglia Nera

Prosecco Doc Treviso

Prosecco Doc Treviso - Selezione Bottiglia Nera - Frizzante Spago

A wine obtained from grapes selected from the highest slopes. A sparkling wine with great elegance. Very pleasant with strong typically fruity notes. It has a dry and elegant taste, which persists in the mouth.

  • Origin: Glera grapes coming from the vineyards around the villages of Vidor and Crocetta del Montello
  • Variety: Glera
  • Training system: cappuccina with planting distance 3x1 and Guyot with planting distance 2.80x1
  • Vinification: without the skins in stainless steel vats
  • Winemaking method : italian method (Martinotti) with second fermentation in stainless steel tanks with natural fermentation
  • Flavor: delicate, fruity and aromatic
  • Serving temperature: 6 - 8 °C
  • Food pairing: its immediate freshness makes it an ideal aperitif. It pairs well with all fish dishes, fresh and medium-matured cheeses and light vegetable-based first courses
  • Residual sugar: 9 gr/l
  • Alcohol: 11% vol
  • Acidity: 6,0 gr/l
  • Pressure: 2,5 bar
  • Product code: 39

  • Packing: 1 box of 6 bottles 0,75 l, 1 pallet / 5 layers 70 case total
  • Sizes available: 0,75 Litres
  • Scheda prodotto in PDF :