Who we are

De Faveri Spumanti is a family-owned winery that produces Prosecco, founded in 1978 by Lucio e Mirella De Faveri. It is located in Vidor, in the heart of the DOCG area of Prosecco and it produces diverse varieties of Prosecco wine: from DOC Treviso to DOCG, from Millesimato to Cartizze. Moreover, it owns 21 hectares of vineyards (15 hectares of DOCG and 6 hectares of DOC Treviso) spread among the municipalities of Valdobbiadene, Vidor and Farra di Soligo. After 40 years of hard work and experience, De Faveri wines are sold all over the world and well-appreciated by the consumers, which recognize the quality and professionalism of the work of De Faveri family. Today, the son Giordano and the daughter Giorgia are employed in the winery.

Our mission

During its 40 years of activity, De Faveri Spumanti has always been committed to respect all the essential requirements to produce a good wine and to share the typical features of Prosecco. An example is the careful selection of the grapes used, their precise working and the accurate attention paid during the vinification up to the final product. All the efforts are paid off thanks to a high-quality Prosecco, easily recognizable by the consumer among a wide choice of wines of the numerous wineries of the area.

Since 1978, De Faveri Spumanti works hard, facing big investments aimed by a goal: offering to the consumer, that is always most demanding, a typical, guaranteed and high quality product. Lucio and Mirella, after many years of experience, have understood that the consumers really appreciate their products not only for the taste and quality, but also for the meaning that they want to spread. Values as tradition, love for the territory, honesty and availability of the family are features appreciated especially abroad. The client of De Faveri Spumanti doesn’t buy simply bottles of wine, rather the result of the commitment of the family that works constantly to satisfy its target of reference.

The Family

Giorgia: Lucio and Mirella’s older daughter. Ever since she was a child, she dreamt of working in the family winery. She loves travelling and relating to others. She manages the national and foreign sales of the winery.

Lucio and Mirella De Faveri: founders and owners of the Winery. The success of De Faveri Spumanti is given by the indisputable quality of their wines and their personality. Ever since they were young, they have always showed their innovative sensibility, that together with their natural sense of responsibility, is the winning move to sale their Prosecco all over the world.

Giordano: Lucio and Mirella’s younger son. He decided to follow his father’s steps and after his experience in the vineyards and in the cellar, now he deals with the production, the vinification and the quality control of all the De Faveri products.